Task & Project Management Systems

Streamline Your Tasks & Processes

We specialise in streamlining your tasks, projects and processes. We do this by setting up task and project management software within your business. These tools help systemise and standardise all of your common projects, tasks and processes. As a business owner, manager or CEO you will have full visibility of where your tasks and projects "are at" and a bird's eye view of the work in your organisation or business.

Are you managing tasks, projects and processes using email or spreadsheets? Email and spreadsheets are great tools but they are not designed to manage or track work.

We believe in giving the right task to the right team member at the right time. Cut down unnecessary communication and give your team a central location to find everything they need to complete their work.

Here are some of the common tasks, projects and processes we can help with:

  • Client tasks / work
  • Project for clients
  • Onboarding
  • Retainer work
  • Monthly and recurring tasks and processes
  • Your marketing campaign processes
  • Organising events



Calum McGonigle
Owner, Converge Design

What people are saying


I’ve worked with Calum a lot and he’s a real pleasure to work with. He’s very focused on finding the best possible solution, which is really refreshing - certainly not a one-size-fits all. I really appreciated his professionalism, quick response to all queries, and ability to actively seek to understand what we were trying to achieve. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to automate processes and tasks within their business.

Brett Lee
CEO, Internet Safe Education
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