What we Automate

Human Resources

Leave request and approvals

On-boarding of new employees


Employee database

Annual review reminders & bookings

Off boarding & exit interviews


Supplier invoice approval

Budget approval

Expense reimbursement workflow

Purchase approval workflow

Safety & Compliance

Pre start form or checklist

Site inspection

End of day form

Safety induction

Site check in

Site or building audit


Risk register

Incident register

Conflict of interest register

Complaints register

Asset register

Disaster recovery response register

Customer or client

On boarding of a new client or

Customer or client portals

Visitor sign in or check in

Customer or supplier database



Maintenance request

Employee directory

Asset database

Asset booking request


Employee surveys

Customer or client surveys

Exit interviews

Reporting on data

Sales reports

Finance reporting

Survey results reports

Generation of documents

Hardware inspection report

Site inspection report

Safety report

Gap analysis report

Audit report

Project management

Manage tasks and projects
with ease

Online training & learning

Create and monetise online training

Customer or client surveys

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