Task and Project management systems

What are Task and Project management systems used for?

Managing projects, tasks and other work via email is very inefficient (and not to mention down right frustrating!). It's hard to keep track of work or a project's status or tasks that are outstanding, as email was never designed for this purpose.

Project and Work management systems like Monday.com and ClickUp are designed to make work and projects a breeze.  You can view your current work, get an overview of a project's status, automate common tasks (like follow up reminders), allocate work to other team members, duplicate projects or task templates, generate reports and create recurring tasks.

In the last few years some Project Management Systems have increased their scope. Software systems like Monday.com and ClickUp are now referred to as Work Management Systems. They can now be used in other areas of the business apart from projects and service delivery i.e. Sales, HR etc.

Where do I start?

Choosing a new system can be a challenge. There are so many options out there and each software system is constantly changing and developing. You can just jump on a call with us and we will help cut through the noise and find a solution that's right for you. Click on the button below and fill in the form to get in touch.


Calum McGonigle
Owner, Converge Design

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I’ve worked with Calum a lot and he’s a real pleasure to work with. He’s very focused on finding the best possible solution which is really refreshing - certainly not a one-size-fits all. I really appreciated his professionalism, quick response to all queries, and ability to actively seek to understand what we were trying to achieve. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a clear pathway forward in relation to their website and software.

Belinda Moore
CEO, SMS Consulting

Calum and the team at Converge Design did a fantastic job of implementing the new "look and feel" of our website. It was a pleasure working with Calum and I found the process seamless with great communication throughout the project. I look forward to working with Calum and his team on any other future web projects.

Annique Davis
Marketing Manager at GS1

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