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What are Power Apps and what are Power Apps used for?

Microsoft Power Apps allows businesses and organisations to create their own Apps. These Power Apps are mostly used to help organisations be more efficient or productive. Power Apps can be used to considerably reduce paper work and admin tasks. Power App consultants or Power App developers can help businesses or organisations build Apps and provide advice on the best way to harness Power Apps to it's full potential. If your business has paper or PDF forms, workflows, approvals or checklists then Power Apps is for you!


What does a Power App consultant or Power App developer do?

Power App developers and Power App consultants are experienced in planning / scoping out projects, gathering requirements and building solutions inside Microsoft Power Apps. They should be able to tell you whether your idea for an App is a good 'fit' for Power Apps and give a cost estimate to build it. A good number of your Power Apps will be used inside your organisation by your team / staff. However with the release of Power Apps portals you can now build Apps and solutions for users outside your organisation i.e. clients, prospects, members, contacts, parents, students, stakeholders and partners.

Is Power Apps free?

At the time of writing Power Apps is included in Microsoft 365 Business Basic licenses and above. Many businesses will have this license or higher. There are addons and extensions to Power Apps which have an additional fees i.e. model driven apps, Power Apps Portals or premium connectors. Many simple apps can be built without using these paid services.

Is Power Apps easy to learn?

It depends on your experience, background and the time available to learn the platform. If you have a lot of time on your hands and you have a good ''technical / IT brain'' then you will probably be able to get started with Power Apps and build some simple Apps. In our experience organisations and businesses just don't have the time to learn Power Apps and keep up to date with all the new features and changes to the platform. This is where Power App developers and Power App consultants come in. Companies like ours have built a lot of Power Apps, so are much more efficient at building new Apps. We can tell you very quickly if Power Apps can do what you want from a technical perspective and if it is a good fit for your project.

What can I build with Power Apps

When we are talking to businesses about Power Apps, we often ask them about administration pain points. Which tasks waste or take a lot of time? Which tasks or processes are a pain? Which processes are hard to track? A great starting place is to look at all your forms, checklists, approval processes and workflows. If these are completed on paper or they are a pain to work through then Power Apps can help. We have build some Power App templates to help with some common tasks that businesses have?

Power App templates

Sometimes we get asked: "does Power Apps have templates?". The short answer is yes. However these are not like Word documents or PowerPoint files. You need to understand how Power Apps work to use these templates. If you have a good knowledge of how to use Power Apps then these are a great starting point and can save you some time. We have looked at the most common requests from our clients and have built some Power App templates to speed up new projects. Please see more information below:

Power App help desk template & Power Apps maintenance request template

This Power App template allows employees to submit issues or items to the help desk or maintenance team. These issues or items can be reviewed and assigned to the relevant staff member to remedy. Once the issue or item is remedied and marked as complete then employee that submitted the item will receive a notification.

Power App site inspection template and Power Apps checklist template

This template allows employees to work through an inspection form or checklist marking off individual items as passed or failed and provide more information as required. The logged in user and time / date of the submission are captured automatically.

Power App audit and inspection template

This template allows employees to work through an audit form marking off individual items as passed or failed and provide more information and images as required. The logged in user and time / date of the submission are captured automatically. The App will generate an audit report (in Word or PDF) once the audit is finished and has been submitted.

Power App employee directory template

This templates allows employees to search for other staff members via the App. They can filter their search by department or other information. Each employees name, role and contact details are displayed in the search results.

Power App booking template and Power Apps asset management template

Do you have resources that you need to keep track of? Do employees need to book / hire our resources or assets? This template can be used for room, desk booking or tracking and booking of any other asset.

Safety Data Sheets and Chemical Stocktake Power Apps template

Manage your SDS and Chemical stock levels. Expiry reminders are built in to this template. Do a Chemical stock take and add in new stock also. Look at which location Chemicals are located.

Incident report Power Apps template

Allow employees to supply important details about a specified incident. These details can include: people involved, date, time, location, images and detailed description.

Risk register Power Apps template

Risks can be added to the register by all employees or specified groups of people. The register uses a risk matrix to rate each risk and will colour code each risk depending on it's rating. Follow ups and amendments / correction reminders can be set.

Pre start and end of day checklist Power Apps templates

Before team members use a piece of equipment or start work on site each day get them to fill in the pre start form. All entries are captured and can be viewed at a later date.

Visitor check in Power Apps template

Do you have a lot of visitors coming to your office or work site? This template makes sure that the correct information and declarations occur at the time of check in and check out.

On boarding and Off boarding Power Apps template

When an employee or new client comes on board or leaves there are usually a pre defined number of steps which must be followed. These Power Apps templates make sure all the steps and tasks are followed. You can easily track the process also.


Calum McGonigle
Owner, Converge Design

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I’ve worked with Calum a lot and he’s a real pleasure to work with. He’s very focused on finding the best possible solution which is really refreshing - certainly not a one-size-fits all. I really appreciated his professionalism, quick response to all queries, and ability to actively seek to understand what we were trying to achieve. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a clear pathway forward in relation to their website and software.

Belinda Moore
CEO, SMS Consulting

Calum and the team at Converge Design did a fantastic job of implementing the new "look and feel" of our website. It was a pleasure working with Calum and I found the process seamless with great communication throughout the project. I look forward to working with Calum and his team on any other future web projects.

Annique Davis
Marketing Manager at GS1

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