How to improve staff productivity and satisfaction with automation

How to improve staff productivity and satisfaction with automation

Eliminate mundane tasks and free your team up to focus on what matters.

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Expanding roles due to staff shortages and mundane tasks are the two factors contributing to overall employee exhaustion, causing many to consider quitting their job—according to a new study.

UiPath’s 2022 Office Worker Survey shows 57% of employees (global respondents) said they feel like much of their workday is eaten up by tasks that could be otherwise automated.

In addition, 91% believe that automation can improve their job performance, namely by saving time, increasing productivity, and creating opportunities to focus on more important work.

The culprit: Monotonous tasks that drain time and energy

Repetitive ‘low-value’ tasks are a drain on employees sense of productivity and wellbeing, particularly for those in leadership or creative roles. Managers know this intuitively, but making the necessary changes to eliminate these kinds of tasks can be difficult.

Calum McGonigle, Director of Converge Design, says automation through technology is one of the keys to freeing up employee’s time and enabling efficiencies that allow for better work-life balance initiatives.

“Automation is core to improving job performance and satisfaction,” says McGonigle.

“When organisations automate ‘low-value’ tasks they can be more agile and responsive to customers. That’s a huge competitive advantage, especially for small businesses.”

Examples of ‘low-value’ tasks that could be automated:

  • Answering repetitive questions over the phone or email
  • Paperwork processing (eg. paper forms)
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Email follow-ups
  • HR-related approval processing
  • Any process you are trying to manage via emails e.g. client or customer on-boarding

Examples of ‘high-value’ work:

  • Creative and collaborative work
  • New product development
  • Strategic business planning
  • Sales conversations with customers

When employees are empowered by automation to be more effective, their productivity and satisfaction goes up, resulting in better business outcomes.

“Businesses need to increase profits to combat rising costs, while also retaining their staff. Automation offers solutions to both”


Improve staff productivity and satisfaction with automation

Australian businesses can and should leverage automation to improve staff productivity and satisfaction. The problem is, managers often don’t know where to even begin when it comes to automation.

“Which tasks can we automate?”
“How do we develop the right process?”
“What technology is suitable?”

The team at Converge Design are experienced in helping Australian businesses design and implement process & workflow automation.

When you partner with Converge, you’ll be guided through a proven process to:

  • Identify ‘low-value’ tasks across your business that can be automated,
  • Design the best processes that save you time and money, and
  • Implement those processes with the right technologies

Make your business more efficient and your teams more effective with Converge Design. Request your Free Automation Assessment today. Call 07 3709 1356


Does my business need automation?

Every business has opportunities to automate and save money. If your team members are using paper forms and spreadsheets to process tasks, then that’s your sign to chat with our team today.

We specialise in creating efficient, automated processes in the areas of Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources.

About the Author:

Calum McGonigle is the director of Converge Design, a productivity consulting company based in Brisbane Australia. With 15+ years of experience in business, Calum knows how to help you and your team become more efficient and profitable.

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