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Are you currently using paper forms?

If you or your business are using paper forms, then you are probably creating extra work for yourself and your prospects, clients, stakeholders and employees. Paper forms can create some real issues in terms of the accuracy of data. Mistakes can be made in interpreting handwriting or transferring information into other systems. If your business uses a lot of paper forms and (or) uses specialist carbon copy paper pads, your business could be spending thousands of dollars on printing each year.


Common paper forms and checklists

Many businesses and organisations have a similar range of forms. Here is a list of some of the most common forms that can be digitised:

  • Employee on-boarding form
  • New client / client on-boarding form
  • Leave request form
  • Expense reimbursement request form
  • Staff meeting form
  • Site inspection form
  • Pre-start safety check form
  • End of day form
  • Order form
  • Delivery sign off form
  • Maintenance request form
  • Budget approval form

What are workflows and approvals?

A workflow or approval is when something needs to happens after a form is filled in. For example, your leave request may need to be approved by your manager. A workflow can be added to a leave request so that your manager is notified of your request. They can choose to either approve or deny the request. Then you would be notified of the decision. This is just one example of a workflow. Businesses have a great many workflows. If your business is trying to manage workflows or processes by email, you may find it difficult to track these activities. Get in touch to find out how we can help.


Calum McGonigle
Owner, Converge Design

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