5 areas of a business that require automation

5 areas of a business that require automation

Ways automation can free up employees’ time and improve overall productivity.

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According to one McKinsey study, work that occupies 45% of employees’ time could be automated by adapting technology that’s currently available.

Automation is a key to improving the efficiencies of your people by streamlining processes or delegating them to computers instead of people. Employees know it, and so does management. The big question is where to start and how.

There are so many tasks that can be automated within a business. To help you start, we’ve put together some examples across five key areas of many organisations.

If you find yourself nodding your head at this list, then talk to our team to learn how you can best automate these kinds of tasks to increase efficiency and profit.


Automation in the areas of HR is often overlooked. Requests from employees to take leave and reschedule shifts can be time-consuming for a (already busy) HR professional who is trying to uphold their other important tasks. Back-and-forth email conversations are unnecessary when you have good technology systems in place.
Automation can help:
  • Onboarding and induction sequences
  • Off-boarding sequences
  • Sick leave and annual leave approval forms
  • Staff quarterly review processes
  • Shift scheduling


Capital expense approvals, reimbursements and supplier invoices approvals are the top 3 biggest time-consuming processes for many businesses. Again, these are often carried out via email. With the right systems in place, businesses can streamline these approval processes and gain better oversight and management of spending.
Automation can help:
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Capital expense approval
  • Financial reporting
  • Payroll reporting
  • Direct debit systems
  • Supplier invoice approvals

Sales & Marketing

The focus of your marketing and sales team is to start conversations, create relationships and build trust with customers. If your team are bogged down by administrative work or your sales process is clunky, your team and customers will be more frustrated and less sales will be won. All that can be resolved with sales and marketing automation.
Automation can help:
  • Lead capture forms and storage
  • Inbound emails to CRM
  • Event registrations
  • Social media scheduling
  • Appointment scheduling and notifications
  • Online sales funnels
  • Customer journey sequences
  • Sales reporting

Customer Support

Customer service teams need to act promptly to maintain a great customer experience. Automation can help customer service teams be more efficient and focus on spending time serving customers.
Automation can help:
  • Support ticketing system
  • Phone menus and call routing
  • Support chatbots
  • Surveys and support feedback
  • Automated customer support systems

Workplace Health & Safety

There are thousands of legal obligations that businesses must adhere to, covering: Risk management, Incident management, safety management, policies and procedures, just to name a few. Having the right systems with automation can avoid double handling, ensure information consistency and rapid processing.
Automation can help:
  • Incident forms and reporting
  • Qualifications and licensing
  • Pre-Start forms and checklists
  • Safety inductions


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Where do you start?

1. Talk to your employees
Your employees know where the pain points are. Ask them questions to uncover where roadblocks or time-consuming tasks are in your workflows.

2. Talk to us (Converge)
Connect with our team to get your automation questions answered and receive recommend solutions for each area of your business. Call us on 07 3709 1356

3. Plan your process and execute
Our team can guide you through creating the best process for each task and then implementing the right automation technology to execute it efficiently.

And, we provide ongoing support to keep your business running smoothly!


About the Author:

Calum McGonigle is the director of Converge Design, a productivity consulting company based in Brisbane Australia. With 15+ years of experience in business, Calum knows how to help you and your team become more efficient and profitable.

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